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This blog is about gifs and news of Park Jae Sang because he is a Funny and talented guy, I am scared since he works with Scooter Brown, I hope he don't turn into a horrible American pop Star... I hope meet and hug him one day x3. I can't follow you back because this is not my official blog, you can sometimes see gifs with my personal blog's watermark.
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Snoop Dogg: “On set.!!”

"Hangover !!"

I came across this and after watching it, I found myself tearing up…

When Soldier Lee Yong Hyuk enlisted, he found out that his mother has breast cancer and might not live long. Seeing that Superstar K4 came to his military training base to hold auditions, he decided to join and sing - as a final gift for his mother.

The song is called 엄마 (Mother) by Ra.D [original song | lyrics], and it is about appreciating everything that a mother has done. Now, I may not know Korean, but from the way he sings, it was enough to make me feel touched and get all teary-eyed just like PSY, Son Dam Bi and the soldiers present there.

I thought I’d just share this with everyone because sometimes we need a little reminder to realise that we shouldn’t take our mothers for granted and that we should always be thankful for everything they have done for us :’)

This is not another PSY blog. turned 1 today!



PSY: “on my way to #NYC


PSY with Lee Byung Hun @ 130711 ‘RED 2’ Movie Premiere!


¿Estoy demasiado obsesionada si he comprado una revista que nunca antes he leído y que cuesta 4€ sólo por la persona que sale en la portada?

Algunos dicen que si

Yo digo que Meh.

I finally have this forbes magazine guys (i upload the pic in my first blog) 
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More hotness for the cosmetic line.

psyfive asked: I'm glad you can indulge in the hot Psy love with me ❤

I’m glad too, sweetheart. :]